by Jochen Eisentraut and Ubiraci Santos


Ritmeloxá was recorded in Brazil in September 2014 with Ubiraci Santos, master percussionist, and Jochen on soprano saxophone. Bira’s Afro-Brazilian rhythmic lines created possibilities of modal extrapolation and freedom of the melody. Influenced by Arabic and Indian music, and the modal approaches of Ralph Vaughan Williams and Miles Davis.

Jochen Eisentraut, soprano saxophone
Ubiraci Santos, percussion


by The Jochen Eisentraut Trio


On these tracks Jochen Eisentraut creates dreamy moods and pulsating grooves with some surprises along the way. He paints with sound, working the line-up of piano, double bass and drums into a cohesive unit which takes the cool jazz vibe up to the present. Jochen is joined by Owen Evans, who has toured with Gryff Rhys; and Ged Lynch, drummer for Peter Gabriel and Goldfrapp.

Jochen Eisentraut, piano/vocals
Owen Lloyd Evans, double bass
Ged Lynch, drums/percussion


by Acoustique


With songs in Welsh, English, German, Portugese and French this mellow album includes elements of cool jazz, cuban and brazilian beats.

Lleuwen Steffan, vocals
Jochen Eisentraut, piano/vocals
Owen Lloyd Evans, double bass.