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The Accessibility of Music - Jochen Eisentraut

‘In examining multiple musical genres, historical eras, and cultural contexts, The Accessibility of Music is a major scholarly achievement. Eisentraut’s presentation of ideas is exemplary, the writing is engaging and jargon-free [and] will thus be useful for all readers, regardless of disciplinary orientation, as it offers a robust method for appreciating and understanding in greater depth the music that surrounds us.’
Nick Braae University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand Popular Music and Society 31/7/2014

The Accessibility of Music is a remarkable achievement that surveys a wealth of material in a very accessible way. … this book deals with important and pressing questions, and it is a welcome contribution to the study of an undertheorised term.’
Evangelos Chrysagis University of Edinburgh Popular Music / Volume 33 / Issue 02

Jochen Eisentraut talks about the theory of musical accessibility. His book on the subject is published by Cambridge University Press.



The Accessibility of Music: Participation, Reception and Contact. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013.

Book chapter

Hitchcock and Herrmann: Music, Sexual Violence and Cultural Change in Vertigo, Marnie and Psycho.” In G. Harper, J. Eisentraut and R. Doughty (Eds) Sound and Music in Film and Visual Media: An Overview. New York: Continuum, 2009.

Edited volume

Sound and Music in Film and Visual Media: An Overview. With G. Harper and R. Doughty. New York: Continuum, 2009.

Journal papers

The New Mimics? Cross-Cultural Learning in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil”, Journal of Cultural Geography, 33.1: 27-50. 2015.

Samba in Wales: Making Sense of Adopted Music.British Journal of Ethnomusicology, 10.1: 85-106. 2001.

Review article

Review article of “From Pac-Man to Pop Music”, British Journal of Ethnomusicology 18.1, 2009.


Brexit and Britpop: Europeans Have Stronger Cultural Links to the UK Thanks to English Language Music”, The Conversation, 13/6/2016


In 2016 Jochen Eisentraut has appeared frequently on BBC radio. Taking part in interviews and discussions, both in Welsh and English, he spoke on subjects including the death of David Bowie, European artists in Wales, national anthems, Brexit and the reaction to refugees in Germany.